Problem of run Add-in in multi ArcMap

08-18-2021 08:12 PM
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Hello everyone, 


I have develop an Add-in with different functions.

The Add-in file is stored in a share folder.

Add-In manager has been set to that folder. (see Capture.PNG)

Reference by:

"Sharing add-ins on a network"


Problem 1:

Normally, the Add-in functions can use after the ArcMap was open.

Sometimes, ArcMap cannot run the Add-in successfully. 


Problem 2:

The client also need to use multi ArcMap with this Add-In for their work in the same computer.

However, second ArcMap always cannot run the Add-in.


My question is how to make sure the Add-In can be use in ArcMap every time even multi ArcMap in the same computer or different computers?


Thank you.



ArcMap 10.7.1

ArcObject  SDK in C# .Net

Development tool: Visual Studio 2017

OS: Windows 10 with domain user login

Share drive  and computer are in the same network 


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I have the same problems, any suggestion?

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