Populating field records into combo Boxes .Please help

03-07-2011 09:05 AM
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Good Day Experts,
I'm just learning ArcObject in ArcGIS 9.2, find attached a copy of my customization. Please can anyone help me with this, i have a shapefile layer called State_LGA.shp with attributes which has fields STATENAME, LGA, Population, TB, Malaria etc. i want a situation where by i pick a state from the state combo box to generate the LGA records for each state in the STATENAME and if I click population command button, it will show the population value of the LGA i choose for the state.i.e
Select a State = Abuja (then the LGA for Abuja will populate from the attribute table of State_LGA)
Select LGA = Kuje (picking Kuje from six LGAs that will be populated)
population = 122333 (clicking the command button, the population value in the population field for Kuje LGA will come out). I have customized a form which is attached as Training for more clarity. i believe with this i should be able to work on other command (Service availabily etc.) Please help me with the codes, am a novice, i will appreciate if someone can spoon feed me on all the processes. thanks in advance.
Adeoti Olatade
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