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Network Analyst Libraries for ArcGIS Enterprise SDK

05-14-2024 06:31 AM
Esri Community Manager

Hi Team,


We are using Custom SOE which developed using Arc Object 10.8. This make use of Network Analyst Libraries in Arc Object Farmwork. We are trying to move our ArcGIS Enterprise to latest version, but we don't have option to re-develop the Custom SOE using ArcGIS Enterprise SDK since it is missing Network Analyst Extension Libraries. I would like to know whether it will be added with upcoming updates of the ArcGIS Enterprise SDK or not? What is the timeline?


Thanks for your help




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Esri Community Manager

You are correct the latest ArcGIS Enterprise SDK no longer includes the network analyst extension libraries. There is no plan to add these back. The path forward to implement similar functionality is to create a geoprocessing service. A developers summit presentation discussing using geoprocessing services as a replacement for SOE's is at the links below.

video (disscuion re geoprocessing services starts at about 27 min)

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