Move existing points within an existing featureclass in python

11-24-2010 04:22 PM
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I'm wanting to move existing points within a featureclass (ArcGIS 10). I have an x and y field in the featureclass to where I want the point to be moved to. I've had a look in the online help and it explains how to insert a new point but not change the existing ones. The following code doesn't fall over but it also doesn't do anything. Am I going around this the correct way? Am I just missing something?

    rows = arcpy.UpdateCursor(p_data2)
    shapeName = arcpy.Describe(p_data2).shapeFieldName

    for row in rows:
        new_point_x = row.NEAR_X
        new_point_y = row.NEAR_Y
        old_point_x = row.POINT_X
        old_point_y = row.POINT_Y
        feat = row.getValue(shapeName)
        pnt = feat.firstPoint
        print "New Point %i %i" % (new_point_x,new_point_y)
        print "Old Point %i %i" % (old_point_x,old_point_y)
        print "Info %i %i" % (pnt.X,pnt.Y)
        pnt.X = new_point_x
        pnt.Y = new_point_y
        print "Info %i %i" % (pnt.X,pnt.Y)

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