LoadMxFile issues with poor WiFi Connection

12-23-2013 11:55 AM
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We have an ArcGIS Engine app running on a Win 7 box that is designed to work without any network connection.  All the data is local, Engine Runtime license is local, everything is local...

When the box has zero network connectivity, the application loads in about 4 seconds.  When the box is plugged into the network and has connectivity, it also starts in about 4 seconds...

However, if we've got two bars of WiFi, then it takes about a minute to load and it is hanging on LoadMxFile.  A minute might not sound terrible, but this is for emergency responders- so we'd like to see that 4 second time in all scenarios.

I've read a lot of forum posts about slow load time, and it is typically that the app is looking for a Desktop license on the network or an Engine license on the network.  This application doesn't do that...

Anyone else experienced this?  Any ideas on how to resolve it?
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We figured out the issue.  Our mxd was initially setup in a network location using relative pathnames.  The ArcEngine application copies the entire data/mxd folder down to the user's C drive where the mxd shows that all the data is local to that C drive.  However, when opening the mxd from the C drive, it was creating file locks out at the network location.  So, even though everything about the mxd said "C drive" - there was some network location residue.

We put in a support ticket with ESRI thinking this is a relative pathname bug.  We also implemented a work-around by making a new mxd that was pathed to the C drive from the start and never pathed to the network.

So...when we had the situation with poor WiFi, the mxd trying to get to the old network location was what caused our slowness.

For reference- we're running ArcGIS 10.1 SP1, but had this same problem at ArcGIS 10.1 before SP1.
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