06-07-2011 06:59 PM
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I've written an application that creates a dockable window in ArcMap.  The dockable window is properly disposed of when I close ArcMap.  But now I wish to close the window manually.  When I close ArcMap the IDockableWindowDef.OnDestroy() method fires which neatly closes the form hosted in the dockable window and then Disposes the dockable window itself.  Question is, is there a way to fire OnDestroy other than closing ArcMap?
Another tack - the IDockableWindowHelpNotify interface purports to "Provides (sic) access to members that define and control a dockable window."  Sounds just like what I need, but the documentation stops right there, and the intefaces only method "OnHelpClick" is perhaps the most mysterious method I have ever seen described!
Any help would be much appreciated...
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