How to enable .Net strong name verification with AddIn

05-21-2020 09:00 PM
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We have an AddIn that using some our DLL .Net libraries. The libraries are updated from time to time. To make sure AddIn uses the updated DLL's assembly version, both (AddIn and DLL) are using .Net strong name signing.

How to enable .Net strong name verification properly? 

Whatever steps to enable are, should it be

  • on developer's machine?
  • on user's machine?
  • on both?

In fact, we added "Signing" in VisualStudio.

It appears not working when updating DLL. AddIn continues to load a DLL with "wrong" version number.


VisualStudio 2017

.Net 4.7.0

ArcObjects 10.6.1

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Hi Mark,

Add-in is renamed zip file which contains Install folder with your add-in dll and it libraries. If you compiled add-in dll with library references which have attribute "Copy local"  true, then your add-in always will load libraries from zip.

To use newest libraries you need to put them to GAC, o before using load them from well known location.

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