gp.Exists Cause Crash of the ArcMap

01-18-2016 11:46 AM
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I've weird problem with this geoprocessing function. I've discovered that it sometimes cause crash of the ArcMap. I use this function to check existence of rasters in FILE geodatabase. Crash never cause any error message. After crash - the ArcMap is failed and closed. This situation comes unpredictebly (aprox. 5% chance for crash). When I don't use this function, my app works well.

If gp.Exists(Path, Nothing) = True Then

                        Return True


                        Return False

                    End If

Do you know why this is happening or could you help me how to avoid this situation? Thanks a lot!


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We have the same random crash problem with the gp.exists function (ArcMap 10.4.1, arcobjects, c#).  The changes for a crash are 50%. We use(d) the function to check for feature classes within a file geodatabase.

The annoying thing is that the crash does not leave any message, even during debugging within Visual Studio 2015.

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I noticed there is already an bug being logged for this issue as NIM053866 IGeoProcessor.Exists method causes application crash when used with specific data (NIM053866: IGeoProcessor.Exists method causes application crash.. ). But based on some internal notes, our developers seem to have difficulties to reproduce it in house in order to investigate it. It would be much appreciated if you could contact Esri Support Services and provide an reproducible sample for this issue. 

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