FeatureLayer table editing

04-09-2012 11:10 AM
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What are people doing with respect to showing a table programmatically for end users to edit attribute data of a feature class?

I need to present an end user with a table in which to make attribute edits to a feature class, without the end user needing to start their edit session, save edits, etc.. the application code will handle all of that for them.

Has anyone worked with the Class TableView or TableWindow?
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Well I do not exactly know if this wopuld work and how and also I do not know if you still had thought of this but heres a suggestion:

When using the table view / window (I guess these classes are to show the table within an userdialog) you could automatically start an editsession for the specific featureclass. After Closing the window you could stop editng with saving the edits.
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