ESRI Raster Remap with Doubles

07-24-2013 07:22 AM
New Contributor
I have a requirement where the user would like to see the output value in a raster as a double.

This is my current code-

INumberRemap remap = new NumberRemapClass();
remap.MapRange(range.MinValue, range.MaxValue, (int)Math.Round(range.Value));
IReclassOp op = new RasterReclassOpClass();
output = op.ReclassByRemap(_source, remap, _mapNoData);

You can see that I have a value as a double (it is representing cost to the user), but INumberRemap.MapRange only accepts an int (currently I am rounding the double). I searched the documentation and could not find a good alternative. Is there a way to remap a range to a double value?
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