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10-10-2013 01:37 PM
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I am debugging an application in Visual.Net 2010 with ArcEngine 10.1 SP1 but generates the following error in the license:

     ' Make sure an active runtime has been bound before calling any ArcObjects code.
       If RuntimeManager.ActiveRuntime Is Nothing Then
            RaiseEvent ResolveBindingEvent(Me, New EventArgs())
       End If

      "Unable to load DLL 'ArcGISVersion.dll': Can not find the specified module. (Excepción de HRESULT: 0x8007007E).

      This application works fine in Win XP and 7 32 bit, but in Win 7 x64 Don't works.

      I hope you can help.

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ArcObjects engine and desktop are still 32 bit.  When you compile, make sure you compile only for 32bit (x86) not any CPU.  If you compile for any CPU it will only work on 32 bit systems.  If you compile for 32bit specifically, it will force the application to run in 32 bit mode on a 64 bit system.
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