ERROR 010092: Invalid output extent.

03-29-2015 07:27 AM
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I used ITransformationOp.Clip method, it's ok for the first 2 times, but the "ERROR 010092: Invalid output extent." began to occur from the 3rd time. So strange problems! Why? Thanks!

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Cause: the extent specified, either in the environment or as a parameter, is invalid for the output that is to be created.

Solution: Specify a valid extent for the output. If unsure what to use, set the Output extent in the Environment to Default.

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Thanks Nahed! I saw that solution on the website. But May be it is not the end result. My code is as following.

public IRaster RasterClip (IRasterLayer pRasterLayer, IEnvelope pExtent)


            IRaster pRaster = pRasterLayer.Raster;

            IRasterProps pProps = pRaster as IRasterProps;

            object cellSizeProvider = pProps.MeanCellSize().X;

            IGeoDataset pInputDataset = pRaster as IGeoDataset;

           IGeoDataset pOutputDataset = pTransformionOp.Clip(pInputDataset, pExtent);

           IRaster clipRaster;

           clipRaster = pOutputDataset as IRaster;


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