doesn't save edits in attributes in feature templates

03-18-2015 12:03 PM
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This is a toolbar created to create mapunitpoly templates. Is there a reason that other values beside the defaults don't save? Also I have a problem when editing that some of the templates get deleted and can't be recovered. Is there anyway to stop this from happening?

public static void UpdateMapUnitPolysFeatureTemplates(IWorkspace theWorkspace)
  // Get the MapUnitPolys Layer from the ToC
  IFeatureLayer theLayer = commonFunctions.FindFeatureLayer(theWorkspace, "MapUnitPolys");

  // If the layer was not found, don't try and update the templates!
  if (theLayer == null) { return; }

  // Get a reference to the template editor, remove current templates
  IEditor3 templateEditor = (IEditor3)ArcMap.Editor;

  // Get the DMU entries
  var sortedDmu = GetDmuSortedByHierarchy(theWorkspace);

  // Loop through the DMU, add templates to an array
  IArray templateArray = new ArrayClass();
  foreach (KeyValuePair<string, DescriptionOfMapUnitsAccess.DescriptionOfMapUnit> anEntry in sortedDmu)
  // Get this DMU entry
  DescriptionOfMapUnitsAccess.DescriptionOfMapUnit dmuEntry = anEntry.Value;

  // Build the template if this is not a heading
  if (dmuEntry.ParagraphStyle.Contains("Heading") == true) { continue; }
  IEditTemplateFactory templateFactory = new EditTemplateFactoryClass();
  IEditTemplate newTemplate = templateFactory.Create(dmuEntry.MapUnit + " - " + dmuEntry.Name, (ILayer)theLayer);

  // Set the Template's default values
  newTemplate.SetDefaultValue("MapUnit", dmuEntry.MapUnit, false);
  newTemplate.SetDefaultValue("Label", dmuEntry.Label, false);
  newTemplate.SetDefaultValue("IdentityConfidence", "certain", false);

  // Add the template to the array

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