Create .lyr files using without ArcInfo license

03-20-2014 08:32 AM
New Contributor
I am developing an application that will be used by people who do not use ArcInfo or ArcGIS and thus do not have ArcInfo licenses. My users collaborate with people who use ArcInfo (FalconView) and thus my users need to be able to send map overlays and metadata to them.  Currently they often do this using KML, but I have been asked to insert a button to save the overlays and metadata in a format native to ArcInfo.  I believe .lyr would be appropriate. (I tried .shp but can't control the color or add metadata). I have found example VB.Net code that seems to do this, but a) it requires DLLs that I can't find, and b) it seems to require an ArcInfo run-time license.   Any recommendations would be appreciated.  Thanks.
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