Construct distinct polygons from polylines

12-13-2019 07:28 AM
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I have a number of polylinesthat are split at crossing-points so they do not overlap. Now I want to create distinct polygons from those polylines, where none of those polygons overlaps another one.

We can´t use the Polyline2Polygon.features here, because we simply don´t have any features but just geometries. 

So let´s define this structure as network having edges and nodes. My first idea was to remove all the polylines that are outside a common polygon. Or in other words delete the polylines that simply lead to nowhere. This way I get a polygon that contains most of the edges (that´s the red outlined polygon in the image beyond). Now I can use ITopologicalOperator4.Cut2 on this polygon in order to get all the areas within that polygon.

Just an asside: Cut2 can´t handle those dead-edges mentioned before and will throw an exception. That´s why I want to delete them before.

However I have no idea how to define this common polygon. 

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Have you explored the geoprocessing tool feature to polygon? If that does what you want then you can call it using the IGeoProcessor interface.

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