ArcSDE  Java Api - Direct Connect connection with SeConnection

09-25-2012 08:21 AM
New Contributor

I am trying to direct connect using 'SeConnection' class from the Java API to a ArcSDE 10 geodatabase. I can achieve this on my development machine, but as I deploy my solution to the target machine it stops to work. Therefore I think I am missing some software on the target machine. Still I am able to connect to SDE via ArcSDE service (from target machine), but the point is i don't want to user ArcSDE service.

I am trying to connect to oracle10g. Both on the target and dev machine there is installed oracle client software as well as ArcSDE for Oracle 10g.

SDEHOME is set correctly to the installation directory of ArcSDE for Oracle10g.

I am sure I am passing the connection parameters correctly to the  SeConnection constructor because as i said I can direct connect from the dev machine.  Oracle client is correctly configured on both machines as from both of them I can sqlplus to the target sde database.

Any suggestions what should i install extra on the target machine? Should I install there the full ArcSDE Java SDK ???

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