ArcPy- Enable time on this layer

09-03-2015 09:22 AM
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I have over 1000 feature classes that I am loading into a map document.  I have figured out how to automate this process in using Arcpy.  Each feature class has a field with datetime.  I can enable time on the layers one by one by right clicking on the layer once it is in arcmap and clicking the box "enable time on this layer". I would like to automate the process using arcpy.  Can anyone help?


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Is this a duplicate of the following thread?

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Freddie, yes it is.  Apparently the original wasn't posted in the correct place.

It also appears to be a duplicate of this thread

which was discussed and apparently answered.

It would be useful to indicate which software and/or development environment you are using otherwise your threads will languish in the great void of unanswered and lost questions.

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