ArcGIS Server ImageService

03-18-2013 12:16 AM
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i really wonder if there is a way to load an image service from ArcGIS Server orher than ImageServerLayer.initialize method...

For MapServices, i can use MapServer object and MapServerLayer.ServerConnect method.
But there is no such method for ImageServerLayer.
I can get ImageServer object but I can't get ImageServerlayer from ImageServer..
For secured layers, I mean if i connect to ArcGIS Server via username and password, I cannot load any of the ImageService from that ArcGIS Server.If i use ImageServerlayer.initialize method, it gives "Exception from HRESULT:0x8004021A".I write the username and password properties for ArcGIS Server Connection properties but I don't use these properties while using ImageServerLayer.Initialize
ImageServer object uses the Connection properties but this time i cannot create imageserverlayer from imageserver.
i cannot solve this problem?
will you help me please
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