ArcGIS Engine Runtime - Windows runtime error during deployment

09-26-2011 08:18 AM
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Hi all,

We have an application developed using Arc Engine v10 using VB .NET. We tried to deploy it on the computer (XP, 32-bit) of an end user who as a valid license for Arc Engine Runtime v10. When I built the exe for the application, I customized it for ArcEngine only using the license control properties). This application was originally built in v9.2. When we migrated to v10 we updated the application accordingly using the procedure mentioned in the developer help in .NET

When I try to open the application it doesn't even open and I get the standard windows error (program has encountered a problem and has to close. send error report.. blah blah.)

However the application opens well and works fine when I build it for ArcGIS desktop licenses.

Anybody know what the problem is ? or if I'm missing something ?

Thanks in advance
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Hi sandeep,

did u find any resolution to this error, m facing a similar issue. when i try to run the exe of the application on a target PC it gives me error "Application has stopped working", Close program.. any help will be appreciated
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Keep in mind that there are two separate steps that must be achieved in order for a stand-alone application (.exe) that uses ArcObjects 10.0 to launch and work:
1.  The application must bind explicitly to either the ArcGIS Engine Runtime product or the ArcGIS Desktop product, in other words, to one of the following folders:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Desktop10.0\Bin
C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcGIS\Engine10.0\bin

In my experience, if your stand-alone application attempts to bind to Engine, e.g.
but it does not find the ArcGIS Engine product installed on the machine, it will produce the error message you mention.  In my experience, if you are using the License Control to license ArcObjects with an ArcGIS Engine license, you need to type the RuntimeManager.Bind call yourself.  The License Manager is purely for indicating the license with which you want to initialize ArcObjects, not for telling the application with which product to bind (where it will find the ArcGIS binaries).

2.  The application must be licensed with an ArcGIS Engine license or one of the ArcGIS Desktop licenses, either using IAoInitialize.Initialize() or using the License Control.  You can also use the Add ArcGIS License Checking menu item under the Project menu in Visual Studio which launches the ArcGIS License Initializer dialog.  There if you choose Engine, it will BOTH add code to bind to the ArcGIS Engine Runtime product and license with an ArcGIS Engine Runtime license.

Since you are using the License Control to license ArcObjects, I wonder if you have failed to add the call to RuntimeManager.Bind, which would be a separate step.  This would be a common oversight when migrating from 9.x to 10.0.
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