ArcGIS Engine java 10.1, ArcSDE Versions are not listed properly.

12-15-2013 09:10 PM
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In a  following way i am trying tot get the version list from My Oracle SDE (Multiple SDE schema).

IPropertySet propertySet = new PropertySet();
propertySet.setProperty("SERVER", "<IP of my SDE Server>");
propertySet.setProperty("INSTANCE", "5151:schema1" );
propertySet.setProperty("DATABASE", "Application Server" );
propertySet.setProperty("USER", "schema1");
propertySet.setProperty("PASSWORD", "schema1" );
propertySet.setProperty("AUTHENTICATION_MODE", "DBMS");

IWorkspaceFactory workspaceFactory = new SdeWorkspaceFactory();
IWorkspace workspace =, 0);
VersionedWorkspace versionedWorkspace = new VersionedWorkspace(workspace);

IEnumVersionInfo enumVersionInfo =  versionedWorkspace.getVersions();
IVersionInfo versionInfo =;
while (versionInfo != null) {
String versionName = versionInfo.getVersionName();
versionInfo =;

Now My Scenario is this::. I have installed every thing in one machine.
I have a oracle11g and on top of this I have installed ArcSDE10.1 (Multiple geodatabases in one Oracle database ).
I have default GeoDB = sde,
and then i created two more GeoDB Schema, Named schema1 and schema2.

Now i am trying to get the list of versions from these schemas using ArcGIS Engine 10.1 ArcObject JAVA API.

but the list of Versions are not coming as per it should come.

for example::
First time if I give the credential as below.
my INSTANCE = 5151:schema1  & USER  = schema2
Ideally it should display, versions as schema1.DEFAULT, which is absolutely correct.

Second Time::
my INSTANCE = 5151:sde  & USER  = sde
Ideally it should display, versions as sde.DEFAULT, which is absolutely correct.

Third Time::
my INSTANCE = 5151:Schema2  & USER  = schema1
Ideally it should display, versions as schema2.DEFAULT,
But it is displaying as, schema1.DEFAULT, which is not correct.

It mean The Engine API is retaining the connection details, internally.

How can I overcome this, inconsistent behaviour.

If any one has anything, plz do let me know.
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