ArcCatalog selection changed event

05-07-2014 06:12 AM
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Hello all,

I'm moving into the ArcObjects/WPF world from Python scripting and its been a steep learning curve, so the more verbose your answer the better! Thanks in advance.

I am simply wondering if there is a way to hook into ArcCatalog to do an event when the selection changes, similar to the way the information in the Description tab changes every time you select a new object in the catalog tree? I understand how to do this on an event such as a button push, but I've been unable to find a way to do it automatically when the selection changes. I spent most of yesterday afternoon experimenting with ways, such as WPF DependencyProperties and looking into IGxApplicationEvents - however so far I'm unsuccessful.

For a simple example say I had a ESRI.ArcGIS.Desktop.AddIns.DockableWindow with a single TextBox in it and I wanted to write the FullName (path) to the selected object in the Catalog Tree whenever a new object is selected, how would I go about doing that?
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