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Writing Custom Label Expressions

01-26-2021 11:59 AM
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I am new to writing expressions. Is there a way for me to write a custom label expression only using part of a parcel number? See part in red. I need to somehow label this part to get a way from annotation if possible.


05-49-09-30-0-000-006.000 <- I need this to show as the label.

05-48-08-28-0-000-001.004 <- I need this to show as the label.


I accidently posted this in the ArcGIS online instead of here earlier today. The bright side is I will utilize that later with my online account. I have taking that information given from that post, and I have researched some more. I am still having issues though. Can someone please help me out? I have attached a picture of where I am trying to do this at.

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Click the Expression button and select the Python parser. Click the Advanced button and add this:

def FindLabel ( [PID] ):
  return [PID][-7:]


This what the dialog would look like (using different fields)


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