Warning 000916 in hot spot and Moran I analysis in arcmap

06-15-2020 08:01 PM
by Anonymous User
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Hi everyone.

I use spatial join tool in arcgis pro to connect a shapefile (a map) and a xlsx file (the time series data have XY coordinate).

The spatial_join file can use hot spot analysis in arcgis pro but it can't use hot spot analysis and moran I in arcmap.

I get the following warning 000916: The input feature class does not appear to contain projected data.

I have no idea what to change to fix this warning.

Someone can help me, please.

Thanks for taking the time and your help would be greatly appreciated!

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Esri Contributor

Hi Chinh Dang

In ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro your data can use either projected or geographic coordinate systems. The error in ArcMap is telling you that you need to project your data with a projected coordinate system. You can do this by using the Project tool.



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