Unexpected Data Packaging Error- LOCKS?

03-25-2022 11:48 AM
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Hey all, 

My organization still uses ArcReader (we are working on the transition to Pro) which is fine, but I tried to package some data today for our field guys and said there was an unexpected error in packaging. I closed out ArcMap on all other computers to make sure that wasn't the issue, but it still gave me the error. In the research I've done so far it looks like there may be issues with LOCK files being created. Has anyone else dealt with this? I can find some of the LOCK files, but I am hesitant to delete them because I don't know if it will corrupt or alter the data. 


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The data that you are trying to package, is it a shapefile, feature class, service, or a mix?  Also, do you have any other users in your organization who may be accessing it from another desktop or interface?

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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Did you mean to "package"? 

Normally, you "publish" a map for ArcReader and I have never seen this error, even when data is in use/locked.