Troubleshoot: Authorization Error Message

07-13-2021 03:23 PM
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Hello, I'm having an issue with authorization, as I already have the ArcGIS software downloaded onto my acer laptop, but I keep getting the same notification to authorize it. I've already tried restarting my computer and downloading and redownloading the software, but the same error message pops up no matter what, when I try to get into ArcMap. 

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Please contact Esri Customer Service for issues downloading and installing software:

Contact Us | Esri 

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Have you authorized the software with appropriate keycode? If you have a Single-Use license (keycode string looks like ESUxxxxxxxxx), use ArcGIS Administrator to authorize the license.

If you have purchased an ArcGIS for Personal Use license, it also comes with a Single-Use license of ArcGIS Desktop Advanced (ArcMap). 

If you have a Concurrent-Use license (keycode string looks like EFLxxxxxxxxx), use License Server Administrator to authorize the license. Then, connect to the corresponding license manager using ArcGIS Administrator.

See the steps of authorization in Authorizing your software (ArcGIS Desktop) 

Also ensure you have chosen the correct license in ArcGIS Administrator.



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