SQL Server (Vector instead of Raster)

12-01-2020 12:15 AM
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Hi dear Friends, 


recently I came across to a peculiar phenomenon and I want to share my Experience with you. So it might help you save time. 

In our Organization we upgraded our SQL Server to 2019 and after that as I tried to import my Raster with this tool (Raster to Geodatabase) I got a vector-Dataset instead of Raster-Dataset.  

This Phenomenon can happen when you not enough RAM in your Server installed. So be Careful to check the RAM available in your Server.  Because when you try to import a big data such as raster data. You are going to save the converted table in your RAM and after that the Whole data in your SQL Data bank.  This approach will save you a lot of time dealing with damaged Raster, because there will  be no need to delete them from Server. 

Although I couldn't understand why instead of an error for lack of RAM I got a vector dataset.  

Stay Healthy 





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