Spatial Join - CLOSEST within polygon

09-25-2020 07:29 PM
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Dear ArcMap community,


My question relates to SpatialJoin in ArcMap 10.7.1


My data is as follow: one point layer with the building location (layer A), two point layers having information related to buildings (layer B and C), and one polygon layer with property boundaries (layer D).


My objective is to merge the information from the two points layers (layer B and C) to each building (layer A).


My idea was to use the function SpatialJoin with the parameter Closest. The SpatialJoin works without error, nevertheless manually observing some instances, I saw that for some of them the information that was joined do not relate to the correct building but the one in the neighbouring property. I realised that some information points (layer B and C) are closer to the neighbouring building. I am aware that the function SpatialJoin - Closest enables to set a Search Radius but in my case setting a very small search radius would exclude some correct instances as some of the information points (layer B and C) are not in the direct vicinity of the building (layer A).


Luckily, I was able to find a polygon layer with property boundaries (layer D). However, most of the properties (polygon) entail multiple points from layer A, B, and C. 

I would like to constrain the Spatial Join to property boundaries and find the closest points from layer B and C to the building location (layer A). Is there a way to do a Spatial Join - CLOSEST restricted to a polygon (from a different layer)? If yes, is it there a way to loop the process for all the property boundaries in the polygon layer?


Thanks for your help

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