Select features by category?

09-23-2022 03:24 PM
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Is there a way to select the features that fit into a quantile category? For example: I'm using graduated colors to symbolize different air pollution levels. I'm using 7 classes, and each class represents pollution levels in a certain range.  I'd like to select all of the features within a range so I can export them to their own shapefile.

I'm working with a huge national dataset, so it's possible to do this just by going into the attribute table, sorting the table by ascending values for the desired field, and then selecting them manually, but it would be a serious headache and allows for the possibility of human error.

If there's a way to do this, it would be pretty cool..  I'm still using good old ArcMap 10.8.1 (though it's just started glitching and I think it's time to update or just move to Pro).

Thanks for your time!

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cannot you simply use the select by attribute tool? You only have 7 classes

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Below, are a couple examples that reinforce RobertBorchert's email:

ROAD_NUMBER >= 3000 and ROAD_NUMBER <= 5000
ROAD_NUMBER between 3000 and 5000


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