Runtime content: "Share as" vs "CreateRuntimeContent" Tool

08-02-2021 08:03 AM
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Hello there,

I created ArcGIS runtime content for an application serveral times, using the "Share as runtime content" option in ArcMap. But now I want to write a python script to automate this process and there seems to be more parameters/arguments in the toolbox than in the "share as " dialog. E.g. there are parameters for "Level of detail" and  "service type" and in the description there is taIk about a tiling scheme. I don't get that since I never had to provide a tiling scheme for the rtc before (and it doesn't make any sense to me at all to provide one, since there are no tiles involved).  I experimented a bit, but the output of the toolbox has always been much bigger in size than the "share as "version (around 2-3 times actually!). Does anyone know the value of the paramters used by the "share as" dialog? 

Can anyone enlighten me?

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