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Remove sr.lock file

05-04-2022 03:28 PM
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I'm trying to edit some shapefiles on a map that I'm working on and am unable to do so due to an sr.lock file that gets created when I open the map. When I try to delete the file, I get an error stating that the file is open in ArcMap. When I close the map, the lock goes away, preventing me from deleting the file. Is there any way to remove this file?

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locks of any kind occur when a featureclass or shapefile is open in a map.  you can't just delete the lock.

If you are getting an error message, could you copy and paste it here.

Things to try.  

Copy one of the shapefiles that you can't edit to a new copy.

Open a new project, can you edit it?

Also check that you are working with locally stored data on your computer, since files located "elsewhere" have their own issues regarding locks, permissions and editing capabilities.

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