Raster Surface Volume Parameters when Comparing Multiple Rasters?

02-11-2024 03:41 PM
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Hi all!

I have a question when using the 3D Surface Volume Tool for calculating volume for a series of rasters over the same location over time.

I see the reference plane value (above/below) for 3D Surface Volume is optional, and the resultant volume will strictly be influenced by whether or not a plane is designated. My question is:

I am looking to compare volume over time for 12 time steps using individual rasters for each data set. When looking at minimum and maximum elevation for each raster, they vary over time as the landscape evolved. In this instance, is it proper to set a standard plane height for all rasters in the dataset? Or should it be left blank?

For example: I have these two rasters to compare: 

1. High: 1.12m; Low: -1.23 m

2. High: 0.8 m ; Low: -0.95 m 

Would it make sense to set the plane height as the lowest value of the dataset, and calculate volume above that? So for these two, the reference plane would be -1.23? Or should it be left blank?

Thanks for your help!


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