Raster dataset containing attribute values in mosaic dataset?

09-28-2020 05:59 PM
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Hi Peoples, 

I have a raster dataset in a file Geodatabase that contains a Raster Attribute table defining additional fields for the raster.

When I identify on the raster, I am able to see the additional fields associated with the cell.

I can create a new mosaic dataset, and I can add the raster to the mosaic.  However when I identify I am unable to see the additional fields.

Therefore, is it possible to add a raster dataset containing additional fields in the attribute table, to a mosaic dataset and have the identify return the field values?  If so - how is this achieved?

When I added the raster to the mosaic dataset, the Raster Type I chose was 'Raster Dataset' - is there an alternative I should have chosen to enable this to work?




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