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"Polygon To Raster” changes values

12-29-2020 05:58 PM
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My original file has polygon data, and I use Polygon To Raster function. After I have done it, I found the value of the polygon data were changed.

The general steps are:

1. The last column of the table **Study Area Block Groups** is **PERC_UNDER5** like

- 2. I used the ArcToolbox function of **Polygon To Raster** and in the **Input Features** chose the **Study Area Block Groups** with **Value field** of **PERC_UNDER5**

- 3. Then I ran it and made the results to display on the map

- 4. But the values of the result are different from the values of **PERC_UNDER5**. The values were showed as

How are these values of the picture of **children** derived?

I recorded it

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I am having the same problem.


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