Protecting Data/Preventing Export from ArcMap for inexperienced Users

10-13-2021 06:27 AM
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We are still using ArcMap 10.5.1 and SDE.   Our organization has decided that we need to give a group of users access to ArcMap and lots of our data.  These are primarily non-GIS users but people who have had a class or two several years ago.  

Our data is in SDE.  We have to give the users access to our data so they can create maps and do some level of analysis.

We want to limit what data layers they can access.

We also want to prevent them from exporting data and giving it away as much as possible.

Any ideas of how to approach this would be greatly appreciated.  

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Welcome, and we wish success to everyone in highlighting the role of GIS and the map in a greater understanding of geography, the environment and the place in general
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