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Multiple Values in One Attribute to Multiple Features with One Value

03-10-2020 04:09 PM
New Contributor

Using ArcMap 10.5

I have a feature that has more than one value as an attribute, and I want to split the value out and make two features and still retain the data from the other fields.  

My example is PLSS data that is Township, Range, Section and Quarter Section.  In my table it has two fields and looks like this:

Field 1                         | Field 2 

11 0010N 0003E 013  | NW, NE

This is what I would like:

Field 1                        | Field 2

11 0010N 0003E 013 | NW

11 0010N 0003E 013 | NE 

Is this possible to do?  If so I am can follow directions really well 🙂  I just can not write my own scripts.  Thank you!

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