Modifying Annotation Properties after CAD to Geodatabase Conversion

09-16-2021 11:24 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I recently converted a CAD dataset to a geodatabase using CAD to Geodatabase.  I would now like to make a few adjustments to my annotation layer.  Specifically, I would like the ability to change the color and add a halo.  I've attempted to change the properties using ArcCatalog Feature Class Properties and thought I had succeeded but, alas, when I added the annotation layer to ArcMap the font was still the same as before I attempted the ArcCatalog modifications.  It is strange that the modifications I made in ArcCatalog are visible and exactly what I need but it is not carrying over to displaying correctly in ArcMap.  I must have missed something.

Can someone please provide me some guidance on how to proceed?

Thank you.


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