Measuring angles depicting the view of an antenna

05-10-2022 02:10 PM
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I am working on a project where I would like to show what area of a map would be covered by an antenna. 

I have the direction of the antenna, and I know that it can see 45 degrees horizontal beam. I would like to draw two lines on either side of my line - each 22.5 degrees on either side. I could eyeball it but I would like to be more precise. 


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You should be able to do it with one of the tools in the context menu.

If you are editing a line feature class, create feature, after the first vertex, you can right click and pick direction/deflection, etc.

Either figure out the math, or just create a line (like a V) with 45 degree deflection, then move/rotate the lines to where you want.




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I did this some years ago.  A little cumbersome.  I created a polygon in the shape of a cone of the desired angle and the snapped the pointy end to the antenna and rotated it.  I only needed to do it for about a dozen antennas so it wasn't a big lift

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