Map freezing when editing data with hosted feature layer turned on

10-05-2022 04:52 AM
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We are having an issue where we are editing a feature from our sde database, with a hosted feature layer turned on in the table of contents. The map freezes up whenever we do this. If I uncheck the hosted feature layer, everything works as normal. Our internet speeds are great (gigabit up/down). 

We need the hosted feature layer turned on, because our field crews share the map changes with us that way. I would make the edits in Pro, but I can't edit our geometric network in Pro. 

Has anyone experienced this?


Thanks, Robb

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How large are the features themselves? We had a situation in our org where a hosted feature layer was really slowing things down, not because of network traffic, but because the size and complexity of the features in the layer was putting a strain on our Server machine.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Neither layer is very large. The only time we see the freezing happen is when we are trying to edit with any hosted feature layers turned on. This only happens in ArcMap. No issues in Pro. No issues on AGOL. I've even tried a definition query on the hosted feature layer, but no dice. 

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ArcMap 10.6.1.  Opened my normal editing mxd, added a hosted feature layer from my AGOL organization (using admin credentials), start editing on SDE data in the same map......

I see no difference if the hosted feature layer is loaded or not, turned on or not.  Doesn't seem to have any impact.

You might try exporting to FGDB, transfer to local machine and do Geometry check(s) on it.  Maybe there is something "wrong" with the HFL....

Tested using both standard FC's and also geometric network FC's.


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