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Managing trails - general question. Use topolgoy?

10-21-2021 09:56 AM
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Good morning, all!

I'm working on a trails database that has many (too many!) fields and am looking for a way to break some of them out, but still be able to symbolize on them. The general issue is this:

Our trails dataset has Surface, Bikes, ADA, Horses, Type, etc fields. Each attribute defines use along different segments of the same trail.

For example, for a  trail from point A to point B, I need to split the line based on a Surface field when the trail changes from paved to dirt. But for a different map I may need to symbolize where bikes are and aren't allowed, splitting the line at a different location. The line is the same, but the splits are different for each field.


With literally 20+ fields in the file I don't want to have a million split lines. Any ideas on how to pull some fields out, but join, relate, create topology rules to bring them back in to symbolize, etc?

Thanks for any advice! Meg

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Your trails dataset, is that just a table of from and to values which map onto a base network using linear referencing? It's unclear what your data structure is, edit your question, includes some screen shots.

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