Layout Graphic Text Balloon Callout - Bulk Move/Reposition of Vertex

11-29-2021 10:36 AM
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Hello, I have a 10.7.1 mxd with one layout containing a reference grid (in MGRS) that I've converted to graphics using a balloon callout. The grid graphic callouts worked fine for a few years of use, until one day upon opening the mxd, all of the anchors/vertices for each callout were moved at the same distance, yet the balloon callout box was in the original position. Note: the original callout boxes did not have the leader/vertex exposed, it was collapsed under the callout box so as to not be viewable.
My question is, I have approximately 100 callout boxes that need their leader vertex moved to their original locations, which is inside the callout box i.e., not displayed.
I've tried changing the leader tolerance to zero, but that didn't work. I'm hoping there's a python/arcpy method/class to bulk edit/move the vertex.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. -Jim

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Would it be too much trouble to delete the annotated balloon callouts and create new ones?

This would just be a new set up for the label class and then convert it to graphics again.

Another idea would be to select all of the balloon callouts at once then try editing the vertices of one and moving it to expose the callout point.

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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