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Intermittent "cannot edit data in folder you selected" when editing under a connection containing editable & non-editable layers

06-14-2021 07:50 AM
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We have a strange problem that has popped up after upgrading to 10.6.1.  For many years, our editors have been set up with a single SDE connection, and all the data they need is pulled from this connection - this includes layers they have permission to edit, and reference layers that they don't have permission to edit.  When an editor begins to edit, they are able to edit without any issues.  Now in 10.6.1, intermittently, they will get the "Can't edit data in the folder you have selected" error, indicating that there is non-editable data under the SDE connection they are trying to edit.

Why are we seeing this pop up now?  Again, we have had this setup for years, and never had any issues editing inside an SDE connection with editable and non-editable data.  When this happens (and luckily it's only a few times) we have to make them a second SDE connection, then switch all of the editable data to source from the new connection.  This seems trivial, but it is not.  We have more than 100 stored displays with a setup of a single SDE connection for the data, so to fix all of these would be a pain.  

Anyone know what's happening here?  Am I missing a checkbox setting somewhere in the bowels of ArcMap to turn this check off?

Any insight would be helpful.


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