How to update multiple field using field calculator from the joined the data

07-06-2021 11:53 AM
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I have a feature class and table, I joined the table with my feature class based on a common field and update all the fields in my feature class with the contents in the table using field calculator. I have 20 fields like name, study area,specialid, description etc in feature class. same field available in table also but it was a updated content so i need to add those in my feature class. every time I select each field one by one and do the field calculation. Doing 20 field take too much time to complete any automation available?

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You can script it, if you have the field calculations and the fields already.  Or you can use modelbuilder.

What have you tried or looked at (aka... script, model) beyond doing each field manually

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i tried to create a script which using geopandas to read the feature class and table, while joining the data based on common field it gave error like objects and int can't be merged try pd.concat but i checked the object type for all, it same only.

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I agree with @DanPatterson .  I would build it all out in model builder using the geoprocessing tools built into ArcGIS Desktop or Pro... whichever you are using.  Then export the model to a python script and schedule it as a task.

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