How to drive through a Geodatabase to select objects in sequential order for data attribution

10-22-2021 12:53 AM
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I am using ArcMap 10.8.1. I have a geodatabase with an existing series of polygons (It's a polygon grid) that I want to populate with a landcover code. What I would like to do is select a polygon object, review and click a dropdown to populate it, and have the next polygon object automatically selected, effectively allowing me to move sequentially through the database. In time I want to make a tool with a series of clickable buttons, but to start I just want to know how to move through the database from object to object with the minimum of effort.  

Any suggestions would be a huge help. 

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To start I would simply create data driven pages from those polygons.  That way you can simply move to the next one with a simple click. 

It will not automatically select the next polygon but will streamline the process.


Question: in what format are your landcover codes.  Meaning how do you get them?  table, point, polygon, line, etc..

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