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how to convert a simple relation to a class of relationship ?

11-05-2021 07:07 AM
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I've got from other colleagues of mine a layer of buildings (polygons) and a few tables with data about the buildings (without geometry).

This layer is related to the tables with relations in arcmap thanks to a common fields (ID_BUILDING, string(12)). 1-M relations can exist (1 building gets 5 floors).

I would like to publish this on ArcGIS Online. When I create new databases I use to create a GlobalID on my layer and a GUID field in my related table and then create a class of relationship. And it works well.

How can I use/transfert/convert the field ID_BUILDING to create a class of relationship that will keep the relations between my tables ?

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I think you can just create a series of relationship classes between your polygons and tables and then publish the whole thing.  You might want to consider migrating to ArcGIS Pro, I think it works better than ArcMap when dealing with AGOL.

That should just about do it....
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