How to build an optimized Line network (for collection point A-B-C-etc)

07-19-2021 01:58 PM
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I've been trying to use the Network Analyst tool in Arcmap 10.7 however I'm having a hard time figuring out an automatic approach to the nearest points (best order for collecting points)

I have my road network, I have my 120 points. I had no trouble loading these points in as "Stops" and then hitting "Solve" to create a path that went through all 120 points, however my issue is trying to have the 120 points sorted in a way that makes sense as to the order of collection spatially. Right now the path is just based on the way the points are loaded in and results in a total of ~1900 miles and I know I can get this number down to about a route that is 1200 miles manually but is there an automatic approach to find an optimized route path?

I considered perhaps nearest neighbor, or something similar but would love some input from someone more experienced in this issue.

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