How do I Retain Symbology When Exporting Single Band Color Ramp Raster??

07-02-2022 08:59 PM
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I have a several .tif rasters that have custom symbology assigned (single band - color ramp) designed to highlight areas of hard bottom on the seafloor. I cannot get the exported .tif to retain/display the single band/colormap symbology which I had assigned in ArcMap. I have a requirement which includes additional processing of these rasters in other GIS applications like Global Mapper & QGIS, but my inability to define seafloor sediment characteristics using this specific color scheme is blocking my assignment workflow.

The symbology is created by importing a custom .stat.xml that I made to assign Statistics values, then the Stretch Type is set to "Esri" (with numeric values assigned to the Contrast & Mean Parameters.) Everything looks perfect in ArcMap. This is what what a .tif looks like in ArcMap with the single band/color ramp symbology applied.

H12001 ESRI1.png

Here's the symbology settings: 

H12001 SingleBand ColorMap Export1.pngH12001 SingleBand ColorMap Export2.pngH12001 SingleBand ColorMap Export3.png


I've tried to use Data -> Export Raster -> selected the 'Use Renderer' setting in the Export Raster Data dialog, and the resulting exported file is in Grayscale. 

H12001 SingleBand ColorMap Export4.pngH12001 UseRender_Grayscale.png

I've tried to use Data -> Export Raster -> Check 'User Renderer' & 'Force RGB (even though it's a single band) and the result is a crispy fried, over exposed image that's is of no use. 

H12001 UseRender&ForceRGB_FRIED.png

If I don't check any settings and export the .tif using the defaults in Data -> Export Raster, the result is the default RGB symbology that the .tif had before I changed it to single band/color ramp. 

I've read all kinds of posts and help articles and most say I need to check the 'Use Renderer' and 'Use Colormap' boxes in the Export Raster Data dialog, but the 'Use Colormap' setting is always grayed out. 

I've tried to use the Copy Raster Geoprocessing tool, however that doesn't export single band/color ramp symbology either. The exported raster using 'Copy Raster' reverted back to the hillshade RGB symbology which doesn't highlight the hard bottom on the seafloor. 

Is what I'm trying to accomplish even possible?? Please help, clients don't have Esri software and I told them no problem, but apparently this is a problem. 

Thank you very much! 


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