How do I remove the pins that show up with kmz files?

04-23-2021 01:15 PM
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Hi Hello,  I am new to this forum. 

I have added some kmz files made from rasters from Arcmap (10.7) to my webmap in Arcgisonline

And these (pic attached) pins show up. I cannot get rid of them, without turning off the layer and the image

in the case below, the image never showed up.



 Thanks for your time


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I've seen pinpoints show up representing Bookmarks in an MXD when using the MXD to KMZ tool. You may want to check and remove the bookmarks if that appears to be the issue, or you could try opening the KMZs in another program and deleting the points before bringing in the KMZ to ArcGIS On-line. 

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