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How can I make climate envelopes?

08-21-2020 03:16 AM
New Contributor

I try to create climatic envelopes of tree species in ArcGIS like Christian Kölling here: 
For this I have climate data as raster format and tree data as raster format. I have already converted the tree data into shapefile and blended it with the climate data set, so that my result is now: Where the trees are, I have the temperature in one layer (grid) and the precipitation in one layer (grid). How can I go on now? I would have to represent the data as in a scatter plot with points, only as an area. And then, if possible, calculate different percentiles.
Since I'm not very familiar with ArcGIS, I don't know how to do this. Can anybody help me further?

Example Climate envelope and percentils: 

Example how Christian Köllings climate envelopes looks like: 

Green: The climate envelope of Picea abies in Europe. Yellow dottet: climate of the Picea Abies habitat in Germany today. Red: climate of the Picea Abies habitat in future. 

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