How can i appear and disappear exact feature and label in the same feature class in arcgis?

06-01-2022 08:05 AM
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I have a feature class with many features in this layer and iam using data driven pages I want to just appear the selected feature and the label (length) , and disappear all other features and all other labels from the scene .


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Will something like this work?


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You are in ArcMap with Data Driven pages.  

If your data driven pages are based on the Polygons it is quite easy.

Once you have your Data Driven pages enabled and set up. Open the feature class you based them on, in this example I am going to say your parcel layer.


Open the properties and the Definition Query Tab.

You will now have an option called Page Definition.  

You choose the field you based the DDP on and select Match.  Then when you are on a giving DDP only that parcel will be visible. 



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