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Had 10.7 Student License on a now-bricked machine

12-23-2019 05:03 PM
New Contributor

Hello, my computer recently bricked itself. I had the student license for ArcMap 10.7. Is there anyway to reauthorize the license on my new machine?

Fun issue: I do not have the old code.

I know its a long shot, but figure I can ask

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Well it depends, as the education EVA codes are 1yr seats, how much time was left on that authorization?

If most of the year is up, probably not worth the hassle.

But there is a rearm process that you can work with an Esri Customer Service Representative  for your schools account of with  an Esri Technical Support ticket.  But easier to get help if you know your schools Esri customer number--have to contact your school's Esri contract contact and at tthat point simplest to just get them to issue you a new 1yr student EVA authorization code.

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